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Our planning process is based on providing a world class experience for our customers and their guests.  In order for to us provide this experience, we mapped our planning and execution in several stages.  Here they are:

During this phase, we meet with the client(s) and help with the planning of the event.  We meet with the client and go over the details of the event, what resources are needed, the dates and times, and any other relevant information that is needed for the event.

Follow up:
After the consultation, our team will follow up with the client with the costs of the entire event.  At that moment, in order for our team to move forward, a retainer of half of the event is due.  Once payment is received, we will forward a receipt of the bill via email.  All payment for the event is due two weeks prior to the event.

Our team will arrive at the scheduled time of the event and execute the client's vision that was discussed during the consultation phase.  This includes setting up, checking in with the client, and returing prior to the end of the event to secure the resources used.  Our team will follow up a few days after the event for feedback.
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To created an effective and sound operation and to ensue consistency among all events planned, our operations are guided by the following policies:

We reserve the right to accept or reject any service.  We promise that when we book a job that we are professional throughout all aspects of the job.  We do not promise nor provide unrealistic expectations for goods and service.  We guarantee that the client will receive our best work and our archives provide a preview of what to expect from us.

In order to secure service, a non-refundabable retainer is required.  A retainer is a payment of half of the balance paid upfront.  

Full payment is required two weeks prior to the event.  Failure to settle balance may result in some services not being secured or a cancellation of the event.  Additinally, we accept CASH, Venmo, and Zelle as pament for goods and services.
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